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Cookies used on this site:

Cookie name: _utma
Performance cookie - These cookies help us to analyse how our visitors use our website. This enables us to make improvements to the site to give our users the best possible experience.  3rd party.  Lifespan: 2 years.

Cookie name:  _utmb
Performance cookie.   3rd party.  Lifespan: 30 mins

Cookie name:  _utmc (deprecated)     
Performance cookie.    3rd party.   Lifespan: n/a

Cookie name:  _utmz
Performance cookie,    3rd party.   Lifespan: 6 months

Cookie name: cb-enabled 
Functionality cookie.  Information about cookie to be acknoledged.   1st party.  Lifespan: 1year

Cookie name: october_session 
Functionality cookie,  System session information.  1st party.  Lifespan: 1month